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U.S. Gold Medalist Tai Chi
2x U.S. National Champion in Wushu Tai Chi
Founder of the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute

Martial Arts have always been a way of life for Joshua Grant. As a young child in Los Angeles, he trained at his father's judo studio. (
Lee Grant had a Judo school in the late 50's and early 60's. It was one of the first (if not the first) run by a non-Asian in the LA area

He later studied a southern style kung-fu. After receiving his undergraduate degree from UCLA, Joshua moved to Boston. He attended Middlebury College’s Intensive Chinese Language Program. At that time he decided to go to mainland China to further his study of martial arts. Joshua spent a total of 3 years in China traveling and learning under the best Wu Shu coaches and champions in the world. Joshua chose to specialize in internal styles of Wu Shu: Chen Style, Yang Style, Ba Gua Zhang, Xing I, as well as Wushu Mantis, and Straight Sword.

Joshua’s first video tape series Tai Chi for Health and Fitness recently climbed to #4 on Billboard’s chart of top 20 special interest videos. His most recent tape, Tai Chi for Strength and Conditioning, is currently in national and international distribution.

His list of awards and accomplishments include 2x U.S. Champion in Wu Shu Tai Chi, 1992 Gold Medalist in Wu Shu Tai Chi at the U.S. National Chinese Martial Arts Competition, member of the first U.S. National Tai Chi Team and Pan Am Team Member and competed as a member of the U.S. National Wu Shu Team at the World Wu Shu Championships in Malaysia. Joshua Grant is also a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist.

Joshua’s goal in teaching is to reduce tension in the mind and body through natural movement. This form of instruction contributes to a more balanced and healthy way of life. Together, Joshua with Yao and Dorri Li are the founders and directors of the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute.

Founder of the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute
Instructor to World Champions Sports Stars Robert Parish, Rick Fox, and World Kung Fu Form Champions Richard Branden and Christine Bannon
Founder of the BKFTC Institute, born in Taipei Taiwan, Li came to Boston as a fourteen year old immigrant. He soon took up Kung Fu, and after only a few months he knew it was his calling to be a fulltime participant.

For over a decade he studied a Northern praying mantis system of Kung Fu. He later made several trips to China to pursue higher learning under the guidance of some of China's best Wu Shu coaches. Sifu Li won several National martial arts championships when he competed in tournaments in the early 1980's.

One of his most memorable moments from tournament participation was when he was representing Massachusetts for the A.A.U. National Karate Championship. His name was not included on the list of competitors because he was the only Kungfu competitor in an all Karate tournament. After finally being admitted to the tournament he was listed as the 50th competitor, the last on the list after all the other 49 states, none the less his martial skills so impressed the crowd, the judges, and his fellow competitors that not only did the crowd give him a standing ovation, he also took first place and became the National Champion. Li laughs when telling the story, he says, "It sounds like something that could only happen in the movies."

Li now dedicates himself to his teaching and is continuously breaking down barriers to develop the most effective teaching method for his students. He is happy to be in Boston and very proud of his 6000 square foot studio with his partners Dorri Li and Joshua Grant. His career in martial arts is a dream come true and Li attributes his success to hard work, patience, belief in himself and an openminded policy. The flexibility of using different teaching styles has been effective in training Boston Celtic stars Robert Parish and Rick Fox and World Kung Fu form Champion Richard Branden and Christine Bannon.

For two decades Li has shared his talents as a teacher, performer and competitor with many thousands of people.

Dorri began her Kung Fu training over twenty years ago in her native town of Boston. Originally drawn to the mental "coolness" of Kung Fu, she soon discovered it to be very physically disciplined. The study of Kung Fu took Dorri way past her physical limits and into a mental battle with a formidable opponent, herself.

It was in her Kung Fu class that Dorri met Yao Li, another young student who would later become her husband and partner in Martial Arts. Together they trained, taught, performed and competed. Developing a performance team and founding what is now the BKFTC Institute.

Both the team and the studio became quite popular and well known for their high caliber of Kung Fu skills. Their students include Robert Parish and Pulitzer prize- winning playwright David Mamet.

After the birth of her second child, Dorri started taking aerobics classes to get back in shape. Having been certified as an aerobics by the AFAA, she soon realized that combining martial arts techniques with aerobics would make an aerobics workout more focused, more powerful and with greater mental rewards.

At present, Dorri represents the Institue by teaching classes at a number of fitness clubs in the area. She is also working on a manual for Kung Fu fitness training. She plans to teach at Workshops and conventions nationally and internally. One of her goals is to train other aerobics instructors in how to teach Kung Fu fitness programs. She believes that Kung Fu fitness gives you an edge on self -defense and in a broader sense an edge on life with a greater ability to respond with grace, balance and control.


Gene began learning Tai Ji over 30 years ago with Chu Kwok Chu and briefly with T.T. Liang. He later continued his martial arts training at the schoolís predecessor with Yao and Joshua, while still teaching the Yang traditional style. In 1986, Gene traveled to China to further his studies. Gene specializes in the instruction of the 42 Move Competition forms, and also leads the 88 Move Yang form on Saturdays. He brings the full range of his experience to refining the details of these forms, and will often act as a judge when the school hosts tournaments.

Steve started training in the Wah Lum system of Kung Fu in 1977. In 1980, he began teaching under Yao with an emphasis on instructing children. A licensed chiropractor, Steve now concentrates on the internal arts, applying his knowledge of anatomy and physiology to the bodyís alignment in Tai Ji. Steveís focus on structure is an integral part of the Push Hands class that he leads on Saturday mornings. The promotion of the martial arts for the improvement of the individual and the community is an important motivation for Steve.

Out of an early interest in Taoism, Tom first started his Tai Ji practice while in college.  In 1994, he joined Boston Kung Ku Tai Chi and began teaching shortly afterwards.  Tom enjoys sharing Tai Jiís meditative and martial aspects with students, seeing them as complementary traits of the internal arts.  Having medaled in a number of tournaments, Tom has demonstrated the integration of these different elements.  In addition to the Yang routines, Tom focuses on Ba Gua, and both the Chen and Wu Dang sword forms.  Tom currently leads the morning classes, and teaches in the evenings as well.

Bruce is a long time teacher with Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi, teaching the Level I classes. He is well known at the school for leading deep stretches during warm-ups. Bruce also likes to emphasize many of the energetic qualities of the forms. Bruce has participated in a number of competitions, placing in the winnerís circle often. He recently took a gold medal in Push Hands, the sparring side of Tai Ji, one of his concentrations along with Ba Gua and the Chen hand form.

Starting soon after college Ion found something very powerful in the health and fitness benefits of Tai Ji. He first pursued the art in New York, and then here at Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi. Another of the schoolís gold medalists, Ion enjoys helping others understand the basics of Tai Ji assisting with the beginner classes.  In addition to the school's standard Yang forms, Ion also diligently practices Xing I and Push Hands.

David started his martial arts training in 1976, receiving his first black belt in Kenpo in 1980. From there he studied for over two years at Yao Liís Kung Fu Academy, the Instituteís predecessor. With additional studies in Tae Kwon Do, and Tai Ji Quan under Joshua Grant, David re-connected with Yao at the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi Institute in 1997. Although he has spent much time training in other styles, Davidís favorites have always been the Chinese Kung Fu systems. He has been assisting Yao Li with teaching the beginner classes for several years and also teaches some classes in Amesbury MA.

Starting his training in early 1999, Randy began studying a Northern Praying Mantis style and Chin Na. That fall, he started competing in tournaments around New England and since then has taken home many First Place trophies. Diversifying his training, Randy started to learn Eagle Claw, which also emphasizes Chin Na, the grabbing, seizing, joint-locking techniques that are his secondary focus. After moving to the Boston area for work, Randy joined Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi under the tutelage of Yao Li. In addition to the basic and compulsory forms, Randy has been studying Lian Bu Chuan, Monkey Stick, Compulsory Straight Sword, Short Staff, and a 2 Person Chin Na Fighting Set with Yao Li, and Xing I Quan with Joshua Grant. Randy likes to push students to their potential and emphasizes a strong foundation in his teachings.

Bruce began his study of martial arts with Tae Kwon Do in Washington D.C over 20 years ago.  Upon moving to Boston, he switched to the Chinese arts learning Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and both Chen and Yang Tai Ji styles. Bruce joined Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi in 1989, studying with Yao Li and learning a wide range of empty hand and weapons forms as well as developing his kickboxing skills.  Since 2000, he has shared his skills with other students at the school as one of our instructors.  Bruce's focus in the martial arts has been on the integration of general physical fitness, increased body awareness, and developing spiritual growth.  Bruce teaches at our Northwest location in Graniteville MA.

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